What’s Inside – A Hyper-Local Blog Series of Effingham, IL

It’s easy for non-natives to lump us rural Midwesterners together as backwards and behind the times, possibly style-less.  Like most stereotypes, that isn't necessary the case and we are, in face, unique in our own way.  Fresh Digs is teaming up with world renowned (seriously, she’s gone global) fine art, commercial and portrait photographer and Midwest cheerleader (plus fellow farm girl), Tytia Habing, to bust those stereotypes in what we like to call, “What’s Inside”. 

What’s Inside is a hyper-local blog series brought to you every couple of weeks showcasing what’s inside the lives and more specifically homes of Effingham residents.  You’ll see Tytia's beautiful pictures, diverse décor styles and read a little about the people who live right under our noses.  And of course we’ll point out the cool things they got from Fresh Digs.  From time to time we might even take a field trip to show you what’s outside – how former Effingham natives live. 

This idea came about as I began to compile a mental list of all of the homes in and around Effingham that I find beautiful and feel other people should see.   Even though we’re a pretty stereotypical rural, Midwest town on the outside, there is diversity when you begin to look more closely.  We hope to show that here.  We also want to celebrate our area.  Effingham, IL and the surrounding area as a group is large but very little online, aside from local media, is geared towards us as residents.  Those big-city folks shouldn’t have all the fun, so we thought it was time to take things hyper local. 

Stay tuned, this Wednesday we’ll launch the first issue in the series and we’re showcasing my home.  I’m the guinea pig.  Expect to see lots of plants and weird and old things.  We hope you’ll join us.    


The drawing table where we discovered that my son Roscoe's favorite medium is the toothpick.

The drawing table where we discovered that my son Roscoe's favorite medium is the toothpick.