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Nonfiction Book Club

This quarter the Fresh Digs' Nonfiction Book Club is reading Pumpkin Flowers by Matti Friedman.  

About the book...

It was just one small hilltop in a small, unnamed war in the late 1990s. The hill, in Lebanon, was called the Pumpkin; flowers was the military code word for "casualties." Friedman re-creates the harrowing experience of a band of young Israeli soldiers charged with holding this remote outpost, a task that would change them forever, wound the country in ways large and small, and foreshadow the unwinnable conflicts the United States would soon confront in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Part memoir, part reportage, part history, Friedman’s powerful narrative captures the birth of today's chaotic Middle East and the rise of a twenty-first-century type of war in which there is never a clear victor and media images can be as important as the battle itself.

Get the e-book or hard copy at the Effingham Public Library and plan to join us!