The Hobnob Market - The Lowdown

Sometimes you’re forced to pull the trigger on something that you thought would most likely remain a dream.  The story of how the locally beloved Hobnob Markets came to be unfolded just like that.  Holly and Scott Snelling, founders of the Hobnob stable of pop-up markets, allowed me to interrogate them while we were handing out fliers for the upcoming Hobnob Harvest Market (and eating a bunch of bad/good food) at the Effingham County Fair.  : )

Like way too many of us in the Midwest, they found themselves down one income.  Scott had lost his job as manager at a factory that makes pop bottle caps and selling at weekend shows wasn’t quite fulfilling their dreams.  But once they were handed lemons they decided to pull the trigger on a business idea Holly had been mulling over for a while.  That’s how the Hobnob Market lemonade was made.

For their very first market their idea was to pull together 20 vintage and handmade vendors, or as Holly laughingly said, “people we begged”, to set up temporary shop at the Beef House Restaurant in Covington, IN in November 2012.  With 800 attendees, it was a success.  Here they are four short years later expecting to draw 8,000+ people to their next market that’ll be right here in our backyard.  Great story, right? 

But for me, that’s not the best part of this story.  My favorite part of their story is how much they love Effingham, IL.  According to them we’ve been the most welcoming and supportive town with people going out of their way to ensure that their business succeeds here.  Holly actually said, “Effingham has itself figured out”.  And that’s the reason they chose to have both the Hobnob Harvest Market (September 9 and 10) and the Hobnob Spring Market (May 12 & 13, 2017) at the Effingham County Fairgrounds.  Although they LOVED having the previous two Harvest Markets at Tuscan Hills Winery, they’d outgrown that venue.  Wanda, owner of Tuscan Hills, recommended they look into the fairgrounds.  And we’re so glad she did.  Here’s what to expect this year. 


Hobnob @ the Effingham County Fairgrounds

This year we can expect more room, a holds station in the Schuetzenfest building, paved walkways, more food vendors, a p.a. system, porters, plenty of free on-site parking (no shuttles!) and rain.  Yeah guys, it most likely will rain.  It’s rained at their past nine shows.  That’s right, NINE. 

In spite of the rain, it’s still a great time.  The opening day/night is called the Prairie Moon Party and Holly and Scott pull together all the fixin’s of a great night out.  On Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. you’ll have the opportunity to listen to live music by The Wayfarers, enjoy delicious food, a cash bar by Tuscan Hills Winery and most importantly early bird shopping of the 150+ booths of vintage, creative and handmade awesomeness!  Shopping and drinking and live music and food and the chance to wear my rain boots in public and in bed by 9 p.m.?  What’s not to love?!

Did I mention that Fresh Digs will have a booth?  Yep.  Be sure to stop by and show us some local love and check out the fantastic new products we’ll be launching.  We’re also selling advance tickets.

You guys, if you haven’t been, plan to go.  Grab your mom, daughter, co-workers, girlfriends, mother-in-law (sure, why not) and plan to attend now. 

Advance tickets are available for $10 in person at Fresh Digs and KT Boutique in Altamont or online at  This $10 ticket will get you into both Friday’s Prairie Moon Party and Market Saturday.  Otherwise tickets are $15 at the door.  Saturday only tickets are $5.

Start planning your rainy day wardrobe and prepare to watch Holly achieve her goal of making this THE BEST pop-up market around.

See you there!

P.S. We’re giving away four tickets to the Prairie Moon Party!  Simply find our FB post about this interview and tell us your favorite thing about the Hobnob Market.  We’ll draw the lucky winner Friday, August 19, 2016.