Here's to New Beginnings

If you wait long enough you will be rewarded.  That is the explanation I gave myself as to why I listen to A Prairie Home Companion.  I figured that I put up with the nonsense on that show for the reward of amazing music later on.  Be patient, you will be rewarded. 

This life lesson is alive and well in me right now.   One serendipitous encounter after another has been taking place since I decided to take over the shop.  Like a path is being made for me.  This, to me, is a good sign.  A sign that maybe I made the right choice.

The Way Way Back

Salina and I opened Fresh Digs in 2011 wanting to fulfill what we felt was a gap in the home goods and gifts market for our age group in Effingham, while also fulfilling a dream of having our own creative space where we could do cool stuff.  We worked hard, we had a shared vision and we were very excited. 

Over the past three years we got schooled.  We got schooled hard.  I think we did a great job but there was quite a bit of sacrifice and missteps during those times which inevitably lead to a loss of passion and patience.  Long story short, there comes a time when you have to ask yourself if what you’re doing is making you happy.  If it’s not then you must have the guts to reevaluate and make a hard decision.

Salina made the very hard choice to step away from this thing we created together so that she could focus on her Etsy shop, The Dezign Shoppe, and have time to enjoy her family and life.  And I respect her for that.  Thank you, Salina, for getting us this far and for setting it free. 

The Plan

So many ideas.  The challenge is to get many of them accomplished before our third Flea Market Anniversary Party on August 11 and 12.

Here’s the deal.  I’m preparing to start a DEEP clean of Fresh Digs.  We’ve got tons of vintage goods, unfinished or never started project pieces, craft supplies, new goods that never sold and some Christmas items that will be set up flea market-style in the very back of our building – in our garage for the Anniversary Party. 

The Backroom will get a total makeover – a deep clean (yeah, I know, it was getting pretty bad in there), new color on the walls, new “walls” and all new, totally fabulous vintage goodies.  Vintage is my jam; it’s about time that that room reflected that.

I will continue to work to find more handmade artisans, both local and national, who offer something cool and new.  The existing 20+ local artisans will remain with us.   

My goal with our new goods and furniture is to source as much locally, while keeping with a certain aesthetic, as I can.  When that can’t be done I’ll search for the highest quality at the best price.  All still trendy and classic.  

I’m also working on drawing out of town teachers to offer classes not yet seen in Effingham.  This one may take a bit to come together, but my goal is to offer a place for women to get together and make stuff from time to time.  Fresh Digs’ after hours and downtown event participation will continue, as will our collaboration with Effingham Public Library with our Nonfiction Book Club.

Consultations.  If you’re stuck on how to make your house your dream space, give me a call.  I love helping people identify their style and then easily and inexpensively change their surroundings for the better.   Watch this space for evidence of that.   

I also plan on posting more deals on our Fresh Digs Tribe Facebook group page.  Join if you haven't already.  

I'll be in the shop interacting with you all more.  Anna will still be helping out and my mom may make some appearances.  Behind the scenes my husband will still be cooking me delicious meals, the kids will be keeping me on my toes and my parents will be helping anyway they can.

My civic work with the Downtown Effingham Business Group, the Impact 2030 Creative Learning Culture committee and Effingham Recycles will also continue.  

And due to a domino effect of the aforementioned serendipitous exchanges, our What’s Inside blog -a collaboration with local photographer, Tytia Habing, about the people and homes of area residents - will return at the end of August.  I’m pretty excited about this.

I’ll end by sharing how that came to be.  I had been thinking of a certain lady and she came into the shop one day.  Long story short, she said she wanted What’s Inside to return.  The next day another woman came into the shop and showed us pictures of one of our vintage chairs she had reupholstered in a completely unique way.  We shared a moment.  I asked and she said she would love to have her home featured if we started it back up.  Tytia, being a great friend, is always up for anything and she agreed.  Hang in there, I’m getting to the good part.  The next day I was driving in my mom van and I reached for the Joan Armatrading CD my husband found for me.  The album title: What’s Inside. 

Thank you Salina and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for getting us to this point.  I ask that you all keep shopping locally and bear with me as I iron out new services, products and events.  We’re going to have fun while making the world a better and beautiful place!