Hello Friend,

Welcome to our online journal!  I’m tired of the word blog, so we’re going to go old school and refer to this as our journal or maybe our diary or something.  But it’ll also kinda be like a scrapbook or photo album.  Maybe even a sticker book.  Yeah, a sticker book.    

The plan is to post a little bit about ourselves, our home town and a little about the shop - like what we’re working towards, why we have the artisans and items we have plus maybe a peek into our and our friends’ homes.  : )

Be warned - just like your diary there might be long stretches in between entries, there will be misspellings and probably boring ramblings, hopefully not emotionally written and tearfully smudged bits, but largely fun, informative, insightful and potentially gossip-worthy goodness.  Sound ok?

Please feel free to comment in some way.  Emoji-only responses are welcome.  We will like either and will see it as encouragement to carry on. 



P.S. If you get my closing acronym then you are a child of the 80s or 90s.  If you had to look it up like I had to look up some teeny-bopper acronym I came across online the other day then please hang in there.  : )  We can all be friends.


Here we are (l to r): Salina and Joanna.  Photo courtesy of Tytia Habing Photography